How to stay fit and healthy for life

That’s the holy grail right? Sure, we all want to be fit and healthy but we want to last, ideally into our old age so we can do all the things we want to do when we have the time to do them. Who wants to grow old and get sick?

There was one small quote that jolted me into thinking a little deeper about this and it comes from Barefoot Ted. Ted has been on my radar for many years as the ‘hero’ of the best selling book ‘Born To Run’ and as an ambassador for healthy living. Our paths have almost crossed many times and I’m amazed we have still never met.

Here are some humbling truths.

Many of us will not make it to 100. In fact, many of us won’t even make it to 70. It’s well documented that we’re living in a health crisis. The human race is getting sicker mostly because we’re living in a world of growing convenience. We’ve engineered away the need to move. We’ve invented away the need to cook from scratch.

As I write this I’m approaching 50. In fact I’m only days away. This is probably why Ted’s quote made me sit up and think. How do I feel as a 50 year old? I actually feel great. I’m fitter and healthier than I was in my thirties, probably even my twenties (I was a smoker back then and living a pretty crazy lifestyle).

Do I think I’ll make 100? Who knows. My 98 year old Uncle and my Grandpa’s 96 year old active life certainly gives me a large chunk of confidence. But I can’t rely on genetics alone. Thankfully though I’m investing for my future. Moving right, eating right and thinking right every day right now to ensure I’m healthy and active for as long as my genetics will let me.

But will you make it? How old are you right now and how do you feel? I mean really, be honest. If you’re the same age as me and you feel great, congratulations. But if you don’t … or you’re even younger and don’t. What are you doing right now to fix it?

If you’re not fit and healthy now how do you expect to feel in your sixties, or beyond? It’s not going to fix itself. You need to start investing in your future.


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