How a stone can change your life

I get asked about my little positivity stone a lot from readers of my book (The Accumulator). I think it’s time I expanded on its story and revealed its hidden powers. This tiny, insignificant little thing in my hand has gone everywhere with me for the past 15 years. I would not be without it.

I was relaxing on the beach in Southwold, Suffolk when it was given to me. Southwold is a really significant place for me because I spent so many happy holidays there as a child. Now it’s pretty much second home and my daughter loves it there too for the same reasons. When she was only 3 we were playing on the beach and Kyra was having fun collecting stones and shells. She picked up this lovely deep red pebble (my favourite colour), handed it to me and said, ‘I want you to keep this one Daddy, it’s your special stone’.


We all have those moments when things don’t seem to be going quite right. We feel stressed, let down or maybe just that the world is not on our side. Even though I am generally the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet I get those moments too. We all do. Sometimes you may not even know why you feel a little blue but it can often be difficult to shake yourself out of it. Well, this stone is my saviour during those low moments.

Now whenever I put my hand in my pocket and my fingers land on my stone I’m suddenly back at Southwold on that beach with my 3 year old daughter. I can hear and smell the sea. More importantly I am very aware of just how damn lucky I am. I am reminded of all the things I have in this world to be grateful for. Not material things but the things that really matter. At that moment, whatever was dragging me down in the first place seems insignificant and it goes away.

I was being interviewed on a TV show recently and one of the presenters had read about my stone in the book. She showed me a stone that her son had given to her only recently. She is now keeping her stone safe too.

Having something like a stone can be a really powerful tool to keep you in a positive frame of mind. Positive thought can be really powerful and can help to draw positive energy towards you which in turn can make you a happier and more successful person.


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