How to think like a Jedi Knight

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and fortunately my daughter is too. So we’re both pretty chuffed that the franchise is enjoying a new lease of life. But have you ever stopped to think about the force?

What was creator George Lucas really thinking about when he came up with that idea? The force is that special power that defines the Jedi Knight and the iconic phrase ‘May the force be with you’. But did you know that it’s something we all have? Here’s how you can think like a Jedi.


Hidden behind all the magic and light sabres, the force is actually a power that we all have. But just like a fledgling Jedi Knight many of us don’t know it’s there or even know how to use it. The force is your will to achieve anything you want, even the seemingly impossible. When Luke Skywalker was being trained by Yoda in the ways of the force this was his first lesson. Yoda taught him to believe he could do anything.

I was speaking to a guy in the gym recently who told me he had lost 7 stone. Despite still having a significant way to go he was determined to keep going. The force is strong with him.

When my client Sophie was near the end of her first pregnancy, despite some strange looks she was still going to the gym regularly. She didn’t push herself like she did 8 months before and she was under my watchful eye. However she was determined to keep going for as long as she could. As a result she coped better with the demands of childbirth and being a new Mum. The force is strong with her.


How to think like a Jedi

If you want to lose weight, run a marathon, fit into a size 8, do 10 press ups or be fit enough to keep up with your grandchildren you can do all these things if you believe in your ability to do it. All these things are really no different to when Luke Skywalker wanted to overthrow the Rebel Alliance. Before anything could happen he had to believe he could do it. If you know your Star Wars well you will be aware of how Yoda taught Luke Skywalker the powers of the force and used phrases like ‘do or do not, there is no try’. Well, that little guy knew what he was talking about. He just had trouble getting his words in the correct order.


These words should be banished from your vocabulary and replaced by YES, I CAN, WHEN and SUCCEED. If you want something you have to believe you can have it before you get it.

I’m pleased to say that the force is strong with me. Whatever I choose to do in my life I totally, 100% know I will achieve it, there is no try. It could be something as insignificant as finding a parking space to something as huge as writing a book. The size of the goal does not matter.

In some ways I’m like your own personal Yoda, just far more attractive. May the force be with you.


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